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  1. First preference is given to Priority Workers
    • Famous professors and scientists;
    • Executives and managers of companies;
    • People with extraordinary abilities iin science, arts, education, business and athletics.
  2. Second preference is given to:
    • Professionals with advanced degrees;
    • People with extraordinary abilities n science, arts or business.
  3. Third preference is given to:
    • Professionals with bachelors degree;
    • Specialists in fields that require at least two years of training and experience;
    • Other workers that are needed in the US.
  4. Fourth preference is given to special immigrants including ministers and religious workers and foreign workers of American government.

  5. Fifth preference is given to those who invest at least $1,000,000.00 in the active US business, that employs at least 10 people. In some areas with high unemployment rates, the investment of $500,000 is sufficient. If the investment and employment lasts for more than two years, the investor is eligible for the Green Card.
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